During previous Paris Fashion Week we had the great opportunity to be accompanied by the talented photographer Celine Brekne. Here she shares her first experience of Paris and their interpretation of fashion.

Over the days in Paris I got to see various ways of expressing fashion. On the first evening I went to Ruth Peterson SS17 Presentation also the first presentation I have attended. This presentation started with their new film that visualised their concept surrounding zombies and the apocalypse. In the end of the film presentation their models entered standing in front of the movie so that the movie reflected upon the clothes. After meeting and talking to the designer Ruth I proceeded my evening to the next event. The next event was Carne Bollente’s presentation with their new and inventive designs. Combining erotism and sexuality in their design they showed a new vision to the fashion world. With artwork over a wall showcasing their design accompanied by their colouring books, t-shirts and their new denim jacket it was clear how much they had put into their presentation. I ended the night with new friends and an open eye for the next days coming upon me.




On the second day I was united with Simone from Stole the Snow. Our first stop was Avoc’s fashion show. Here I got to take some street style images of the visitors for the show. When we got into the show we decided to split up so we could get a better view of the clothing and the show. They presented clothes from both female wear and menswear. We proceeded the day with walking to the Capsule Show where we met different brands and sellers. It was inspiring to get to hear everyones story and how much their designs mean to them. The evening followed with two showrooms. I got to meet Ruth Peterson again and then we proceeded to CMMN Sweden’s showroom. We decided to end the evening by experiencing Indian food in Paris.




My last day in Paris started with another showroom but today it was Soulland that was our stop. This fast growing Danish brand showed beautiful neutral colours but also new bold colours that has showed its big show up in menswear this year. We followed with joining Nosomnia’s showroom another Danish brand that has showed their representation of beautiful minimal design. This was the only showroom that used real models to present their clothes something I had never seen before. The Man Show was our next stop for the day where we like with the Capsule show went and talked to various different brands to discuss their new collections. As we had some time before we had another appointment with a brand we got to walk around and experience Paris for a while. Paris’ beauty and architecture still impresses me when I think back to it. My last day in Paris ended in the best way possible. We went to The White Briefs showroom. Here we got accompanied for some hours where we talked not just about clothing but also travelling, cultural differences and food (we didn’t forget the wine either don’t you worry).




My time in Paris showed me how humble and beautiful the fashion industry is. I met so many people who are interested in not just clothing but the culture around us. Pairs is much slower and calmer then London but also more entertaining. It has a charm that I have never experienced in any other city with its people and architecture. Overall my time in Paris is a time in my life I won’t forget. And I can’t wait to go back.