Frisur is one of the Stole the Snow selected brands (you can check their collection here) and we have chose them because of theirs minimalistic design. The brand was established in 2007 on the border between Germany and Denmark. We had the opportunity to have a talk with Thies and Stephan, designers of Frisur. 

We think – when we find our way of life it’s always a magical moment. Was it for you too when you chose your path in fashion? How it happened?
The idea of the magical moment is nice, but we’re probably too much of a North German rationalism to believe in that. We founded the brand and decided to choose our path in fashion way before we actually had an idea what that means. Our first objective was to set up a common creative playground where we were able to try out all our ideas. Just with time we discovered the possibilities of fashion design, the opportunities of different materials and production techniques which were offered and the huge challenge to seriously build up a coherent and desirable brand. And just recently we recognized our brand as a perfect hub to combine different disciplines, collaborating with other artists and designers, reviving the original idea of a creative playground.

How you would describe Frisur clothing? What makes your brand different?
First, Frisur is a very genuine brand. It is not a child of some market research study but built out of passion for the brand. We stand behind every design and when people have a question, we’re happy to help. We’re in close contact with our suppliers and every product passes through our hands. Second, we’re proud of our multidisciplinary. Our collections are not only an outcome of fashion designers but also of many people with different backgrounds, bringing in different views and ideas.


How you can describe aesthetics of Frisur
We describe our aesthetics as a blend of classic German design with Scandinavian minimalism. In the end, that’s a very straight forward approach as it reflects our both heritages and very personal taste. We’re trying to be a very honest brand with a local production, an open communication and also a very clear design where the materials and qualities speak for themselves and don’t need any clap-trapping. At the same time it’s important to think further that just „fashion“ and be open for other disciplines.

Do you have role models in fashion? 
We don’t really have anyone specific where we’d say that’s someone we always follow. There are many interesting designers out there and even more inspiring collections. To name someone it probably would be Stephan Schneider who was a very formative person during the studies. His way of transforming abstract inspirations into concrete and coherent collections has definitely stayed with us. But otherwise we are rather interested in what people are doing outside of fashion.


Could you explain us the way you work? How is the process from the idea till the concrete garment? 
We start off with one thing that have inspired us. That can be a word of a song, an object with an interesting shape or function, a picture we’ve seen in a book or anything else. Then we examine this inspiration, we try to figure out what’s the fascinating thing for us and define a mood, find silhouettes and materials that embodies this inspiration. Only after creating this set of tools we start with the development of the concrete garments.

What is next for Frisur clothing? Would be interesting to know more about collaboration for next collection Caraffa.
We expanded our understanding of a „collection“. For Spring/Summer 2016 we teamed up with the product designer Pascal Hien from the Italian design studio Fabrica. He developed for us a carafe that became the source of inspiration for the garments. Object and garments will be presented and sold as one collection. This project was a very new experience for us and we enjoyed to get in touch with new materials and possibilities so we decided to continue this road. The next collaborations with inspiring designers from other backgrounds for the coming collections are already in planning process and we aim to surprise with our collections each season again.


How Berlin is impacting your work and how it changed when you moved there from north of Germany?
Our work is definitely influenced by the place we are living – but maybe less by the city than rather the people that surround us. We started our label very early and as everything always was self-taught, we’ve always been open for other influences and ideas. Coming from a small village at the Baltic Sea next to Denmark, back then Frisur had a very functional, sporty character. Moving to Berlin for studies and for the first time getting in contact with a whole bunch of people being passionate about arts and design really raised our own expectations towards our brand. With us the aesthetics of Frisur grew up and for the first time we asked to ourselves – what our understanding of arts and design is and where we see our brand also internationally. But still, even though we made the brand to a business we’re not taking ourselves too serious – and that’s maybe something that suits quite well to Berlin.



If we ask you to decide an outfit from Stole the Snow, which pieces would you choose?
Sissi Goetze – Roy Sweater / Sissi Goetze – Howard Pants / Rains – Mac Coat Sand.


Special greetings for Stole the Snow’s readers? 
Enjoy and support this fantastic webshop and get a bottle of wine for free – great concept!